How do I order a lab test?

We provide a variety of lab tests, please feel free to browse our Categories as well as use our search bar. You can enter test names, codes or even symptoms. You can click the green "Add to Cart" button to add any test to your cart. If you are ordering more than one test, click on the "add more tests" link located in the upper left of the Checkout box, or simply X out of box.

Steps to ordering Standard Tests:
1. Click on Add to Cart for the test you wish to take
2. If you are ordering multiple tests, you can click on your cart to go to checkout.
3. Input contact and payment information (credit/debit/HSA card or Paypal)
4. Agree to the terms
6. Place your order

After you have placed your order a confirmation page will show on the screen and you will receive an email confirmation regarding your order and your lab order with instructions.  

Print out your lab order and follow the instructions on how to get tested.

You can downloand and print your lab order after logging into your account

Note: Lab orders are good for up to 6 months.  If your lab order has expired, please contact us.

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