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Genova / Metametrix Results

Last Updated: May 02, 2014 04:06PM PDT
Below are the estimated times for each Genova / Metametrix kit.

Results will take about 8 business days:
Bone Resorption Test (Urine)

Results will take about 10 business days:
Lactose Intolerance Test (Breath)
Bisphenol A (BPA) Profile
Vitamin K Assay
Fatty Acid Profile

Results will take about 17 business days:
Comprehensive Stool Profile (GI Effects)
Stool Chemistry (GI Effects)
Stool Microbial Ecology Profile (GI Effects)
Stool Parasite
Stool Yeast / Fungi (GI Effects)

Results will take about 1 week:
Leaky Gut / Intestinal Permeability Test (Urine)
Melatonin Profile (Saliva)
Nutrient & Toxic Elements (Hair)
Rhythm Profile (Saliva)
Rhythm Plus Profile (Saliva)
Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment
IgE Food Antibodies (19 Foods)
IgE Molds (15 IgE Molds + Total IgE)
IgG Food Antibodies (87 IgG Foods + Total IgE)
IBD / Gut Immunology (Stool)
Nutrient and Toxic Elements (6-8 hours)
Nutrient and Toxic Elements (24 hours)
Lipid Peroxidases (TBARS)

Results will take about 2 weeks:
DNA / Oxidative Stress Profile
Organix Comprehensive Profile
Organix Dysbiosis Profile
Allergix IgG4 Food Antibodies (30)
Amino Acid Profile (11)
Amino Acid Profile (20)
NutrEval FMV Nutritional (Urine)

Results will take about 3 weeks:
Cardio/ION Profile
DetoxiGenomic Test
Essential Estrogens (Urine)
CardioGenomic / ApoE Test (Saliva)


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